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Learning is a lifelong journey; offering our patients the best treatment options dentistry can offer is lifelong passion.

Al-Aswad Dental is excited to offer new treatment options for our valued patients.

It has been a great year of learning and implementing the concepts of implant treatment planning, surgical placement, guided surgery and restoration.

We are offering for a limited time a consultation appointment with a 3D scan (CBCT) for $175 to be applied toward the implant placement and restoration cost in the event the patient elects to proceed with treatment at Al-Aswad Dental.

Additionally, we are offering an appreciation gift for implant referrals when treatment is contracted.

Call us for a consultation today.


We are proud to announce that we are now providing implant treatment which includes CT scan, 3D scan, extraction, bone grafting, implant placement, and restoration whether it is a crown, a bridge or an implant retained dentures. All here at Al-Aswad Dental. In addition, we offer financing options via a third-party financing company for the patients that qualify

"It has been a great year of clinical growth. I had lots of fun learning, and implementing the concepts of implant placement, extraction, grafting, guided implant surgery, and CT interpretation" Dr. Al-Aswad 

The Engel Institute 

Intro to implants placement

Intro to guided surgery and implant placement 

Advance guided survey and CT interpretation and implant placement 

Intermediate extraction and grafting











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